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In both large and small premises the need for constant communication with your staff or members of the public, can be greatly enhanced by the use of a Public Address and Voice Alarm system (PAVA).

Public address systems on their own would normally facilitate public announcements, class change, or to simply to play background music from an external source.  When used in conjunction with Voice Alarm, voice evacuation notifications can be made in order to facilitate the safe evacuation of people from premises in the event of a fire or bomb alert.

ESS offers:

  • Fully monitored and backed up

    Voice alarm systems are essential during an emergency and therefore they are fully monitored at all times and backed up by batteries so the system will continue to operate in the event of a mains power failure,

  • Phased evacuation

    A combination of clear pre-recorded messages and live announcements (to selected areas) enable a controlled and gradual or ‘phased’ evacuation. ‘Phased evacuation’ methods enable selected areas to be evacuated in turn.  Typically those in most danger are evacuated first whilst surrounding areas (zones) are put on ‘alert’.

  • Automatic voice alarm system

    The voice alarm system works automatically, with all controls easily overridden by fire officers or building control when needed.

  • Full integration

    Integrates with any fire alarm system

  • Selectable pre-recorded messages

    the systems transmit clear, legible voice messages, rather than traditional bells and sounders, which do not indicate the nature of the emergency